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Our Sires

Whispering Pines P72

WNWP72 was the standout bull of the stud’s embryo transfer program using the highly influential LD Capitalist 316 and elite donor cow WNWK7. This sire combines the calving ease and eye appeal of LD Capitalist with the docility, early growth and structure of his dam.


Chiltern Park Moe M6

A well-balanced and proven calving ease sire with breed-leading docility, desirable claw shape, and daughters with extra milk. A popular choice over heifers.


LD Capitalist 316

Breed leader for calving ease and passes it on to his daughters. A wide, muscular morphology is a trademark of his calves who achieve high weaning weights with lots of eye appeal.


Sitz Stellar 726D

An increasingly rare combination of good fat cover and high growth rate. Structurally correct with excellent feet and a below average birth weight to top it off.


Square B True North 8052

Offering a standout morphology, calving-ease, and explosive growth, while maintaining a moderate and efficient mature cow size. Last year we sold what we believe were the first sons of True North to sell in Australia.

SquareBTrueNorthPic Kate Roberts.jpg

Whispering Pines R47

No other sire on the Angus Australia database can match his combination of 200-day growth, scrotal size, feed efficiency and foot structure. His Dam has been the most influential cow in our herd. Her daughters have also gone on to become our top embryo donors. Look for R47 sons to make highly profitable terminal sires while also improving structure.

Whispering Pines Q82

A sire with tremendous width that incorporates all we love about the Angus breed. He exhibits a curve bending low birth weight and high early growth while also producing moderate and efficient mature cow weights. You can expect his calves to excel in the most challenging growing seasons with fats in the top 10 per cent of the breed. A product of highly sought after Baldridge Bronc and elite donor cow Whispering Pines K7 with outstanding maternal pedigree on both sides.


Whispering Pines N48

The perennial favourite of farm tours. An attractive, highly muscled outcross with a no-holes resume. A versatile sire who complements or improves the traits of any mating.

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